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Interviewed on ABC's The World in the aftermath of the Gaza war and violence inside Israeli mixed towns

In the aftermath of the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestinians I was interviewed on ABC’s The World with Beverley O’Connor.


On ABC News discussing Israel’s plans for annexation

I was on ABC The World discussing Israel’s plans for annexation and the Australian government’s response.


Discussing the Trump deal, Israeli annexation, elections and President Rivlin’s visit to Australia on ABC News

The White House has hailed the Middle East peace plan the "deal of the century", but Palestinian leaders are calling it a conspiracy - @liamget from @NIFAustralia tells @bevvo14 whether the deal could lead to more conflict.


Discussing Israel’s new 'Nation-State Law' on ABC News The World

Interviewed on 7.30 in segment on Israel's crackdown on human rights organisations

I was interviewed on 7.30 as part of a report on the Israeli government’s proposed new laws aimed at curtailing the activities of human rights organisations.