Quoted: Australian Government's Announcement on Jerusalem

Following the Australian government’s announcement that it would reverse the Morrison government’s recognition of West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, NIF’s media statement was extensively quoted in ABC News online, the Guardian and Haaretz:

The New Israel Fund (NIF) of Australia, for example, is a centrist group which argues Israel can be “both the Jewish homeland and a democracy for all its citizens”. Its Executive Director Liam Getreu responded to Wong’s Jerusalem announcement on social media: “Great to have some mature, thoughtful policy and framing on Israel-Palestine.”

An NIF statement said: “The Australian Government is working as a balanced partner in dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by forging policies which are more in line with our like-minded allies and partners around the world and support the advancement of a peaceful resolution… there is no way forward without realising the right to self-determination for both peoples.”

Haaretz also had this quote, too:

[New Israel Fund Australia executive director Liam Getreu] said that the Jewish community should not have been surprised, noting that four years ago, prominent Labor member Penny Wong – who is now the foreign minister – had tweeted the following: “Labor does not support unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and in government would reverse this decision.”

ABC Radio also included audio of a short sentence of mine in one of their reports.

Update: The Guardian ran an article about this StandWithUs ad which ran in the Australian over the weekend:

This was my reaction:

The campaign has drawn criticism from the New Israel Fund Australia, which promotes a vision of Israel as both the Jewish homeland and a democracy for all its citizens.

“StandWithUs is trying to trick the Australian government into thinking that the only way to be pro-Israel is to follow the Trump playbook,” said Liam Getreu, the executive director of the New Israel Fund Australia.

Getreu said there was “a reason not a single country recognised Israel’s de facto annexation of a ‘united’ Jerusalem in 1967 and that only three countries followed Trump’s embassy move in 2017 – it’s just bad foreign policy”.