Quoted: Escalation in Gaza

I was quoted in a Guardian Australia article today about the ongoing escalation of violence in Gaza:

Liam Getreu, the executive director at the New Israel Fund Australia, lamented the escalation, saying it was difficult to be watching on from Australia.

“It’s very hard to process the deadly nature of the conflict, it’s hard to see my friends sheltering in bomb shelters and in stairwells in Tel Aviv, and it’s heartbreaking to see Palestinians killed in Gaza.”

Getreu said cycles of violence would continue endlessly if underlying issues were not resolved.

“There can’t be a military solution to the conflict. There can only be a diplomatic or political solution. More violence, more rockets, a deeper military incursion, won’t solve the crisis, it will only perpetuate it.”

Getreu says dialogue between communities was important, and that it was impossible to not be distressed watching the violence unfold.

“It’s impossible not to be distressed and saddened by what’s happening, this is a conflict that has been going on for so long, and always seems to come back with an even greater physical toll on Israelis and Palestinians.

“And it’s because the core issues of the conflict remain unresolved, and until we do, we’re going to continue seeing this cycle of violence.

“There’s no easy way to process this conflict. It’s horrific.”