Israel Refocused Podcast: Episode 2 (Naomi Chazan, Merav Michaeli, Michael Sfard and Matt Duss)

The second episode of the Israel Refocused podcast. I only intro’d this episode: the tachles content comes from an event in the United States.


Israel Refocused Podcast: Episode 1 (Talia Sasson)

On January 15, NIF Australia launched its Israel Refocused podcast, featuring interviews with prominent Israeli and Diaspora commentators and activists.

Our first episode is with Talia Sasson:


Australia’s Disneyfied Israel

This article was originally published at The Daily Beast.

For two weeks this month, Hagai El-Ad, executive director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), visited Australia as a guest of the New Israel Fund Australia Foundation. Only 18 months old, NIF Australia has already achieved a significant aim of its creation: to begin anew a conversation about Israel and Judaism in Australia.

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The crisis of Zionism and the Diaspora

A shorter version of this article appeared as an op-ed in the Friday 20th April 2012 edition of the Australian Jewish NewsSee the original article, as published.

IT DIDN’T take long for parts of the Jewish world to attack Peter Beinart’s latest book, “The Crisis of Zionism”. And it’s no wonder either – for parts of the Jewish community establishment around the world, it is fundamentally at odds with their values and their strategy. Continue reading “The crisis of Zionism and the Diaspora” »


Politicians’ pandering does no good for Israel

This article was originally published on ABC’s The Drum website.

The jostle for the Republican nomination to challenge US President Barack Obama, when it comes to Israel, is quickly becoming a race to the bottom.

While it’s not surprising that with the virulent “Obama hates Israel” campaign in recent years these candidates would move to the right, it may well be they’re reaching new lows. Continue reading “Politicians’ pandering does no good for Israel” »